Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

We’re here to keep your duct and dryer vents clean and safe! How do you know if you’re in need of a cleaning?

If you find yourself dusting more frequently, notice unusual odors when your HVAC system comes on, an increase in allergies and respiratory issues among your family or visible dust build up and black marks on your vents — it’s time to give us a call!

The average home accumulates 40 POUNDS of dust per year. What should you watch out for? That’s when you need an expert air duct cleaning, and Ahrens Heating & Cooling is here to do the job right.

Lifestyle factors and individual situations will impact the frequency cleanings are needed. People with pets or larger families, smokers and people who bring home dusty clothes from work may need cleanings more often. Other things to consider include whether the home is close to roads with heavy traffic or in a rural area and recent construction or home improvements of any kind, including new carpet installation or removal. Another great opportunity for duct cleaning is at the time of a new home purchase to sanitize from the previous owner.

When it comes to dryer vent cleanings, Very few people realize the danger of clothes dryer fires. However, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are an estimated annual 15,500 fires, 10 deaths and 10 injuries due to clothes dryer fires.

Some signs you need your dryer vents cleaned include:

  • It takes longer and longer to dry a load of clothing, especially heavy items, such as towels and jeans.
  • Dryer itself feels hotter than usual. Clothes are very hot and still damp at the end of the cycle.
  • Airflow in the vent seems low. Outdoor flapper on vent hood doesn’t open when dryer is on.
  • There is no lint on the lint screen. Exhaust system is clogged.
  • A Job Well Done

    We thoroughly clean your HVAC duct work to eliminate dust, pet dander and other allergens from both residential and commercial heating and cooling systems.
  • What to Avoid

    Consumers should be aware of “blow-and-go” air duct cleaning companies. These companies often charge a nominal fee and do a poor job of cleaning the heating and cooling system. At Ahrens Heating & Cooling, we take an honest approach to completely ensuring your ducts & dryer vents are safe.
  • Why Choose Ahrens?

    Unlike many companies,Ahrens Heating and Cooling uses a negative air duct cleaning vacuum to perform the duct cleanings that has a 3-part filter, which includes a “hepafilter.” Sanitizer mist is always included in our price at no extra cost.

    As a locally owned and operated business, Ahrens Heating & Cooling is dedicated to excellent customer service. We are also very visible in our community, and we’re proud of the great service we provide. It’s impossible to walk into a local store or attend a civic event and not meet a customer.  Ahrens Heating & Cooling is proud to put our name on every job we perform.

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